The King of Dance

After my last post I got multiple requests to do a painting of lord Shiva/Natraja and so here it is!

This piece of artwork is of Natraja, the name literally means the king of dance.

This time I wanted to try something new, take a break from acrylics and canvas and so I decided to try watercolor and gold embossing. I have never used this technique before so I ordered the supplies I needed online and started experimenting with it the day it arrived.


I am really excited that I tried something new, and It was honestly very soothing to watch the embossing melt. I made this painting on a 9in X 12in Mix Media Paper with a watercolor background and golden embossing silhouette.

I remember we had a Natraja statue at our home and at my dance class  when I was growing up. I remember we useto pray to the statue of natraja before starting our dance class, and I remember learning that he is a depiction of Shiva and the god of dance. Learning about Natraja stuck with me because I found it interesting and as a child the only thing expected from me was to observe and learn. My parents provided for me, protected me, pampered me and introduced me to learning opportunities so I could grow and have the skill I needed to achieve my dreams and aspirations. It sounds like I like a regular childhood, and compared to people I’m surrounded by, I did have a standard childhood. However, I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky to have been born in a family who could do all this for me.

The definition of childhood according to dictionaries is “The state of being a child.” However, some children don’t get to experience a childhood. They are born with adult responsibilities. They still learn and observe, but the context is very different. They have to learn how to survive, because no one is watching over them. They observe how to win food, but no one is around to tell them the right way from wrong. They spend their lives just trying to survive. I see such kids every time I visit India. some beg for food, others ask to clean your car while you stand at a traffic light so they can earn a few rupees to buy food. No child should be robbed of their childhood from birth and expected to take on responsibilities.

Making these paintings obviously won’t be able to change the lives of all the children in this world who need help, but I’m hopeful that I will be able to make a difference in the world of a few children. Provide them with basics and give them a better pedestal to stand on and grow themselves so they can too make memories and aspire for more than just survival.

With frame!

I am selling this framed piece for just $25! 

If you support the cause, like the painting, want to share what inspires you, or have ideas for what I should paint in the coming weeks, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Keep inspiring!


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  1. Oh Great .. What a light blended background.. and the Natarajan is superb ..looks like engraved 3d..image   . Bahut Badiya. 🙂


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