Remover of Obstacles

I have been working on this painting a little bit at a time over the past few weeks and I’m happy to say I finished! The journey of colors continues and I’m excited to be sharing it with you all.

I present to you the remover of obstacles and provider of fortune and success, Lord Ganesha!


This is a mixed media painting on a 16 in X 20 inch canvas, and I painted with acrylic and fabric paint.

IMG_2883 The border of this painting is done with a tube of fabric paint to create a 3D texture.







While working on this painting I was wondering, how great would life be if someone was there to remove every obstacles that came our way? Then I started thinking about the last time I was in a difficult situation and how frustrating and scary it was but eventually everything turned out ok. So maybe, we do have an obstacle remover in our lives and just don’t realize it?

Obstacles come in various forms and even though we don’t realize it, we all have removers of obstacles in our lives. Maybe not Ganesha himself but an avatar of him. The relationships we build over time, the friendships we invest in, the people who care to be there for us in difficult times are the Ganeshas of our lives. They help us figure out how to handle difficult situations or listen to us rant about our problems until we can think clearly and find a solution. In their own ways, they guide us to our path out of calamity and prepare us so that the next obstacle we come across is less intimidating. These people possess the quality of an obstacle remover and change our lives for the better.

Its ALWAYS great to have people on your side when life throws a problem at you. Having a good support system and healthy relations with others makes us stronger mentally and enables us to fight whatever comes our way. The remover of obstacles isn’t someone who solves your problems for you, it’s someone who gives you wisdom, strength, and motivation to handle your obstacles on your own.


Be a kid in need’s Ganesha avatar and enable them to focus on learning skills that will help them grow and prosper so they can manage their obstacles better. By purchasing this painting you will be providing them with basics like food and water so they can focus on their education and make their future better than their present.

If you support the cause, like the painting, want to share what inspires you, or have ideas for what I should paint in the coming weeks, please leave a comment or send me an email. 

Help me stay motivated and keep inspiring!


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