Restoring My Spirit

We have good and bad days at work and the past week happened to be a frustrating one for me. All week I was waiting for it to be the weekend so I could paint and try to forget the stress of work, and as soon as Friday evening came around I was at the art store picking up a new canvas to paint on.

For me, statues and paintings of Buddha are very calming. The way Buddha is often portrayed meditating with his eyes closed makes me want to achieve that peace of mind, which i’m able to when I’m painting. So, to get over my crazy work week I combined things that calm me and decided to do a painting of Buddha.

My painting is inspired by something I saw online.


This painting is significantly larger than the one I painted last weekend. This one is on a 16 in X 20 in canvas, and I painted with acrylic.


I wanted this painting to be calming but I also wanted it to be colorful to represent the season that makes me happy, SPRING!


This painting took many hours to complete, I painted it in multiple layers to get the right color tones in Buddha’s face. I was able to unwind and restore my spirit in the hours I spent working on this.

While painting I realized how silly it is of me to get frustrated by stress at work. No matter what happens at work, I get to come back to a safe and comfortable home and watch TV while I eat dinner. It’s so easy to take the luxuries like a warm meal and clean water for granted.

I know I’m very lucky to have gotten a chance to go to school, college and graduate school to get an education that provided me the opportunity to be independent. I believe that all kids should get that same opportunity and get an education without worrying about if they will get a meal to eat that day. I hope this blog and my artwork will help provide underprivileged children with basic things like food and clean water so they can focus on building a better future for themselves.

I will be selling this painting along with other paintings I share with you on this blog as a way to gather funds to help underprivileged children. I will share more details about the cause and how to purchase my paintings in a few weeks.


Buddha Painting

Buddha helped me find peace from within and I hope he will help others do the same.

If you support the cause, like the painting, want to share what inspires you, or have ideas for what I should paint in the coming weeks, please leave a comment or send me an email. 

Help me stay motivated and keep inspiring!



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  1. Hi parul, this is such a beautiful piece of art. Painting has a peace and calmness about it but those flames originating from budha shows the power of peaceful mind. I hope you are successful in your noble endeavour of helping underprivileged kids. Best of luck 👍

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